Jack Davies

I am a postdoc with Stefan Schwede at the Universität Bonn and previously I was a student of Lennart Meier at Universiteit Utrecht. My research interests include homotopy theory, algebraic topology, and algebraic geometry.  More specifically, stable homotopy theory, elliptic cohomology, and topological modular forms (TMF).

I also love hiking, biking, and knitting.

In the past, I also studied at the Australian National University and the Universität Bonn, and I used to help organise the European Talbot Workshop between 2017-2020.



Email: jack.d [at] live.com.au or davies [at] math.uni-bonn.de

Address: Zimmer 4.009, Mathematics institute, Bonn

A big thank you to Avital Berry for the picture opposite.