Bonn 2022-

Topology Oberseminar

These days I also organise the seminar for the Topology group here in Bonn on every Tuesday. Please come by for tea (16:30 in the Hausdorff-Raum) and stay for the seminar (17:00-18:00 in 0.006).

Winter semester 2023/24

This semester Stefan Schwede and I are organising a Graduate Seminar Topology (S4D2): "Advanced Topics in Homotopy theory", Tuesdays, 14:15-15:45, SR N 0.008 (Annex).

(The planning meeting was on Tuesday, July 11, 2023 at 14:15 in SR 0.003). Please contact me (as opposed to Stefan) if you would like to meet the week before your talk.

An updated schedule and list of topics can be found here.

Summer semester 2023

Bachelor and Masters thesis seminar, Mittwoch 12:15-13:30 in N0.008 (Nebengebäude).

Winter semester 2022/23

Masters seminar on "Enhancements of triangulated categories" with Stefan Schwede.