In general, I am happy to talk to Bachelors and Masters students about thesis topics pertaining to algebraic topology, homotopy theory, algebraic geometry, or category theory. In particular, stable homotopy theory, chromatic homotopy theory, spectral algebraic geometry, moduli of elliptic curves, and elliptic cohomology theories.

Bachelors' thesis supervision

Classifying vector bundles - Universiteit Utrecht

Stable splittings of spaces - Universität Bonn

On lambda rings - Universität Bonn

K-theory and the Chern character - Universität Bonn

Thom isomorphisms - Universität Bonn

Masters' thesis supervision

Spectral algebraic geometry of Lubin--Tate theory - Universität Bonn

Equivariant topological modular forms with level structure - Universität Bonn

Cooperations on K-theory - Universität Bonn

Character theory for elliptic cohomology - Universität Bonn

Power operations via the Tate-valued Frobenius - Universität Bonn